How Effective are our Efforts to address the Needy?


poor farmers

There have been made many efforts in the field of agriculture and environment to create awareness among the farmers, local people and the stakeholders. Many such efforts are seen to be very effective in the dissemination and creating change in the livelihood of the people. However, there lies many projects and campaigns related to agriculture and environment which seem fancy but fail to address the real needy ones. For eg; creating awareness through facebook and awarding the highest ‘likes’ collectors in fb  may be an option to motivate the youth, but it cannot actually create awareness in the farmers. So, if projects and programs intend to bring change in real, then it should not just focus on selling photos and collecting ‘likes’ but should address the poor small farmers and create a bottom-top approach. It must be kept in mind that a large mass of people in developing countries like Nepal are illiterate, with no access to the internet.


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