Making a Change Through Small Efforts


slogan rally

May 27, 2013, On the date of May 27, 2013, I, Smriti Pehim Limbu, on the behalf of GREEN YOUTH NETWORK, organized a program in collaboration with local organization, YOUTH ECO NETWORK of which I am also one of the founding members. The program was “Slogan Rally and Interaction Program” on the theme of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Agriculture Development.

The program was formally started in Institute of Agriculture and Animal science, Rampur, Nepal. Big personalities like Campus Dean Mr. Dilli Ram Baral (agriculture), Campus Dean Mr. Ishwor Prasad Dhakal (animal science), local youth leaders, progressive farmers, as well as school and campus students were present in the program. First session was Interaction program in which farmers and our resource persons interacted and discussed on the matter of Sustainable Agricultural development. Issues discussed were judicious use of pesticides, organic farming, formation of marketing channel, gender equity and social inclusion (GESI), integrated pest management (IPM) etc. Later on the day, slogan rally was done which involved the active participation of local people, students and farmers. The rally started from the campus to the Rampur local market area. Slogans like “Sustainable Agriculture for sustainable Development”, “Our Environment, Our Responsibility” etc. were chanted which were also written on our play cards and chart papers. The overall objective of the program was creating awareness on environment conservation and Sustainable Agriculture Development which was met to a greater extent


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