IPM school: Education for change


farmers gathering for taking classes in IPM school

Most of the rural communities in Nepal are illiterate with very few or no knowledge of  the modern technological world. It is shocking that in era like ours where talks are touching the universe, people merely think of their daily bread and this is also with difficulty. But education in such communities can bring change. An example of this is IPM (Integrated Pest Management) school in Rampur. This school aims in teaching the ecofriendly ways of agriculture to the farmers of the community. It brings the agricultural students, professionals and farmers together for a common ground in solving the problems related to the agriculture. Mr. Basu Dev Sapkota, who is the coordinator of the farmer field school, says that IPM schools like this has not only helped farmers solve their problems regarding crops but also has made them more confident and decisive. Fortunately, I also got a chance to be a part of this IPM school as a trainee. And what I realized is that this school has contributed ecologically, environmentally, socially and economically. A short questionnaire made me see the difference in the livelihood of the people before and after the school. So, education either formal, informal or non-formal can definitely bring about changes in the Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Action (KASA) of the people.


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