Environment: how do you define it?


Photo taken with the students after the program

What is the definition of environment? For me environment is not only a home to shelter in but is also a passion which I rejoice everyday. And getting to do what one likes produces good result. So, did happen today. I along with my network, YOUTH ECO NETWORK (YEN) organized an event on the occasion of WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, 2013. The program was “Dissemination and Awareness program on the theme of THINK.EAT.SAVE.” This program was conducted for school students. We visited four different schools of Bharatpur, Chitwan viz; Balmiki Sikshya Sadan, SiddharthaEnglishBoarding School, Chitwan H.S.S. and Narayani H.S.S. There were five sessions of the program viz; formal session, introduction to YEN and objectives of the program, presentation on the theme THINK.EAT.SAVE. , presentation on 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and Green quiz. Students showed keen interest on the discussion matters and took active participation in green quiz and some even bagged prizes. We conducted a small questionnaire survey in which students were asked about their perception about the environment. Overall, the program was effective in at least creating interest among the students about the environment and making them understand that “ Environment is Responsibility of all of us.”


11 thoughts on “Environment: how do you define it?

  1. great way to celebrate world environment day! I hope you are doing great as always. we are always with you, u know that! 🙂

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