Nepalese farmer: His Definition of environment

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A farmer of Chitwan, Nepal about 10 km from my college

He has never heard of Global warming and climate change,

Yet he knows loving the environment is worshiping his God.

His sweat enriches his soil,

and unaware of the global conventions,

still he keeps faith on his toil.



He teaches his kids that nature is the father,

Afterall his environment is all he has.

But he knows cutting trees and selling them will give him a full stomach.

So, he sometimes dreams nothing of his small land and tall trees,

instead he dreams of employment in cities and factories.



He wants greenery to live and flourish,

at the same time to feed his kids,

So, an environment of sustainability he wants,

An environment of joy and bliss!



Definitions of environment may change,

but the theme lies within.

To create a difference,

lets start from our own home and brothers.

Change is easy, change is possible,

Environment of this farmer, environment of students,

environment of people, environment of all.


4 thoughts on “Nepalese farmer: His Definition of environment

  1. Poem is good. I actually liked the third para. and you are right smritee that farmers should also be kept in concern for saving the environment. the concept of sustainable development is touched and I am happy for that.

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