Role of Youth for a Cleaner and Greener Environment

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students planting trees on Earth day, 2012, IAAS, Rampur

Who are Youths and what is their role in the environment? Well, the answer is well known and even well demonstrated. However, it is also important to understand the true meaning of being ‘young’ and comprehend the role, and responsibilities that comes within.

The Oxford dictionary defines youth as the period between childhood and adult age and also , the state or quality of being young, esp. as associated with vigor, freshness, or immaturity. So, youths with no doubt, can be defined as the incomparable source of energy, ideas, innovations, etc. And  the role of youths in every sector including the environment is indispensable.

As youths are distinctly enthusiastic and energetic, they can put a lot of contribution for environment conservation and promotion making the environment cleaner and greener. Youths are the sparks of change and if they are willing, they can make decisions and act to leave positive effects in the environment. Some roles youths can play for a cleaner and greener environment are;

  • Inspiring, Awaking and motivating Role in the community.
  • Initiating role by starting cleaning, plantation campaigns etc.
  • Exemplary role by being an example of ecofriendly acts like reduce, reuse, recycle, using bins etc.

youths taking part in Slogan rally for environment conservation, May, 2013

 Good examples of environment conservation has been shown by youths and their organizations like Nepal Tunza Youth Environment network, Change Fusion Nepal etc. I myself am a youth and born to the era of increasing pollution and global warming, I understand the importance of youth activities for the environment. Fortunately, I have been able to be part of various green activities like plantation programs, sanitation programs, awareness campaigns etc and witness change in the society.. During a program on Dissemination and Awareness on Environment conservation (organized by Youth Eco Network on June 5, 2013), a school student told me that he has never thrown food wrappers or any waste haphazardly ( which is surprising in Nepal), instead he has always used bins. If we all do the same, surely we have a cleaner surrounding and we don’t have to complain about waste. Actually, working for environment has made me understand that if we youths take a step towards conservation, no matter how small the step is, there will certainly be a difference .

  The researches and findings have already warned that if the pollution and deforestation with human encroachment increases at this rate, then, human survival will be soon at threat. This is in fact a bigger challenge for youths as future greatly depends on the youths. It is shame that lot of youths in Nepal are indulged in activities like drug addiction and give a damn to environmental hazards. No matter what youths are involved in, they should not forget their power to make a better, cleaner and greener environment. Above all, the role of youth for a healthy environment is immense and needs to be emphasized more. So, all the youths, let us unite for cleaner and greener environment.


16 thoughts on “Role of Youth for a Cleaner and Greener Environment

  1. yes , YOUTHs have greater role for CLEANER & GREENER ENVIRONMENT. We here in our club emphasize the same thing.

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