Is Green World possible without Good Economy?


Flooded region In Far western Region of Nepal

The Word “Green” has so much been repeated in the last few years that most of the people of the world have been familiar to the main theme of making the world Green. There have been so many organizations, groups and networks working around the periphery of creating a green world. For most of such organizations and people including myself the world Green is limited to protection of the environment. And making the world green seems the most important thing here. But here I want to raise a question, Is being Green enough for countries like Nepal, where people are fighting for food and survival? Can we imagine a green world without a good and secure economy of the people? Certainly not.

Every components of the Earth either physical, biological, or, economical are interrelated. I would more like to say inter-tangled at this situation. So, a green world if has to be made sustained  without faking and hiding the real meaning under some fancy names, I think just planting trees won’t help. Other components like the economy of the people and their priorities should also be considered. A hungry stomach will not seek for planting trees, instead it will be ready for any act to silence the fire of the hunger without thinking of the consequences. This question came to me when we YOUUTH ECO NETWORK and GREEN YOUTH GENERATION were planning for celebrating Nation Rice day in Nepal eating Dahi Chiura ( curd and Beaten Rice) which is a tradition in Nepal and a large part of Western Nepal is suffering from Flooding losing property and even lives. Go Green Everybody and Green this time should mean green in people’s heart as well.


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