Youth Employment: Decent work for all, Everywhere


The Difference
Courtesy: and Sandesh Timilsina

EMPLOYMENT has become EMPOWERMENT in today’s era. And the more world is racing to meet the multicolored, ever-changing needs of the people, the more confusion has been seen in the youths regarding employment and job securities. Some are in search of fat money jobs whereas some are in search of jobs that suit their taste and satisfy their passion, while we also have a group of youths who are in search for any kind of jobs to stay alive. Big question marks, which employment option can be thought as decent? What are the reasons that youths are forced to carry on the menial and indecent jobs? What are we youths, the nation, the international system and all the other stakeholders lagging behind in for connecting youths to the decent jobs?

According to Oxford Dictionary, “Employment is defined as the state of having work for earning money.” Breathing the air in 21st century, the employment has taken a bigger shape. Youth employment on this basis, with no doubt, has taken even bigger forms. Youths are the most productive age groups and the most prone to competitive fire of modern times. As we all know youths are such groups which are the present shapers and future makers, employment is indeed very important for them.

 Employment is directly related to economy and economy is directly related to development. On the other hand, employment also reinforces positive attitude, vision and confidence in the youths. But can all types of employment do that? Certainly not. Only the equitable and decent employment opportunity can create positive impact.  A youth with degree certificate of medicine in one hand and shoe polishing job in other hand is definitely not the meaning of decent. But a person only capable of shoe polishing job with degree certificate in medicine is not decent either.

The turmoil of lack of decent jobs are rooted in political instability, lack of literacy, lack of awareness in youth diverting to jobless and addicted lives, lack of proper managerial system, etc. I am a youth from Dharan Nepal and I have witnessed a lot of brain drain, foreign indecent jobs, lack of proper placement. And all I can say is we youth are also partly responsible for this situation.

 What can the nation do?

  • Job placement on the basis of qualification and interests.
  • Provision of Income generating skills.
  • Encouragement to youths for employment in the local area with local resources mobilization.
  • No encroachment of social, economical and political factors for employing youths.
  • Literacy programs as many unemployment problems arise from illiteracy.
  • Investment in youths.

What can we YOUTHS do?

  • Respect any kind of job keeping in mind that no jobs are smaller or bigger.
  • Search and create opportunities to be employed in decent jobs of interests.
  • Believe in the power of making the whole world a platform to work in.
  • Be the one with Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Action so that world can’t refuse you.

13 thoughts on “Youth Employment: Decent work for all, Everywhere

  1. i must say you are right. in our context, the problem is youths have degrees but no right kind of opportunities in case of employment. and rightly said, holding a great position with no skills is not decent either. Cheers for you!

  2. Why are you writing on youths empowerment only? I would like to see you writing about more things. You can really write, I know from the very beginning

  3. I agree wid the statements of your first para. especially, sum r in search of fat money jobs….
    I’ve seen a Nepali army(NAYAK) who served abt 6yrs for d country during the worst phase (people’s war by UCPNM) bt last year he quit his job n went to Malaysia for the security guard…hahahaha,
    I’d like to suggest u 2 create a blog on ‘How to stop outflowing of Nepalese Youths jst lke our innocent rivers? ‘ A country should be isolated like an island like Japan to progress n develop throughout. Otherwise most of us in dis world do have a habit of dreaming mutton in d restura selling the fatted buck of our own farm.
    At last, I’m leaving a quote- ” We human beings r heterotrophs by d nature bt our wise ancestors had taught us to cultivate on our own land. “

  4. Bhumi, I am taking part in blogging competition, so I am writing about youths now but obviously, i will write furthur. and Basanta, thank you for wonderful comment and i am looking forward to writing on that topic

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