Role of Social Media to build Youth Capacity



It is amazing how fast the world is moving ahead. When I was in grade ten (In 2007), technology hadn’t been highly embraced in Nepal and social media remained more a matter of appreciation than use. But now, there are hardly any youths even in the rural communities of Nepal, who are unknown to the charm of social media.

Social media is a virtual world which interconnects people from all over the world. There are so many forms of social media like facebook, twitter, google etc. It can be said that social media has made the world a small villa with no walls of distance and reachability. The world of social media has facilitated great ideas, opinions, experience, feelings to be shared with ease, simplicity and within a very short period of time. Talking bout building youth capacity, social media has actually made youth highly updated and advanced in the fields either it is engineering or agriculture, environment or mathematics, physics or fiction.

Rapidly growing technology and even rapidly growing demands of human lives in the world is certainly enough to make one’s life as busy as that of ants and in this, youths come in the front line. In today’s era of high competition, one is left out if he or she doesn’t run along with the race of the world. For the youths, the race is even more important in order to know from every corner of the world and act accordingly. But at present, where youths do not have time to say hello to the neighbors, there arises various limitations in the way of success of the youths. The limitations are of time, money, resources, sources etc. Social media however, has been able to connect people, create platform, develop linkages etc.

I would like to share a personal experience of capacity building via social media. In May, 2013, I came across an opportunity to be a part of social media training hosted by Caveeta Gautam mam. I learnt more about social media and thanks to the training I have developed my blog and the responses are overwhelming. Can social media contribute in capacity building? I say a big YES.

Another aspect of social media is quite disturbing. Misuse of the social media has resulted serious and dangerous incidents like facebook fraud, misuse of personal information etc. It is equally important to use social media with precaution and use all the protective measures to be away from crime. It should be well understood that misuse of social media is a crime. Lets not do it and let us also discourage the misusers.

 Let us imagine a world without internet and social media! Can we? Personally I can’t because social media is as real to me as my friends whom I can see. I have searched and created the opportunities, friendship and many more through social media. A decade ago, it was hard to imagine life without other media like letters, telephones, telegrams and now, social media has taken all the place. Contributing to make youths linked to the external world of unending changes, and facilitating the luxury of home with the knowledge of everywhere, the social media plays an indispensable role in youth capacity building.


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