The Ghost of Graduate Students


Graduates of Agricultural science,2013, IAAS, Rampur

What is the ultimate goal of education? To this question, Sabita Joshi, a student of Agricultural science one year ago had said during a program on Youth Empowerment, IAAS, Rampur, that the goal to be educated is gaining knowledge, to know the difference between right and wrong and to be empowered. She passed graduation about a fortnight ago and during the farewell program, she said, graduation is more about job opportunities than real knowledge gaining in Nepal.

Looking to the fresh graduates of my college, IAAS, Rampur and trying to understand what they have left us as a farewell note, I think unemployment has become a big threat, a ghost to all. Devotion of about two decades of one’s life to academic achievement is not a joke, and the money, the energy, the hopes invested while studying is not a joke either.

The ultimate success seems to be in a good job placement or admission in a reputed college for the master’s degree. So, the quest for a good job than a good conceptual knowledge has become more important in Nepal and I now think, in a way, that’s fair as well because at the end of the day, one will generally be judged more on the basis of professional or monetary success.

Education is surely an empowerment. There will always be a certain gap between the uneducated and educated in terms of emotions, expression, understanding etc. The importance of education can never be suppressed whether in terms of making a person intelligent or in making employed. However, in Nepal, even after having good grades in the bachelor’s degree, one freaks out for so many reasons. In my eyes, one of the reasons is that jobs in Nepal aren’t only achievable just through good grades. There also lies favoritism, unseen fascism, bribery and many more. I don’t mean all the good jobs in Nepal can be lured through these powers but well, some do. So, students especially graduates become victim of a lot of unnecessary brainwashing thoughts and queries.

I can never forget what Bollywood movie, “3 Idiots” tried to teach. Never chase success, chase excellence because if you get excellence, success will come running to you.

I try to believe it every day and be more knowledge oriented than freaking money lured. And I think so many things are out of control in lives of a student. But at least we can make us capable enough so hardly anybody can reject us for jobs or positions. And after reaching a position, let us not start or continue the nonsensical tradition of neglecting the capable hands for familiar hands. And most importantly, let us treat education as source of empowerment rather than source of employment.


18 thoughts on “The Ghost of Graduate Students

  1. हजुरको कुरामा म एकदम सहमत तर ब्याचलर सक्दा नसक्दै यति गारो पर्छ कि म बल्ल 4th semester मा छु तर मेरो परिवारले अब उप्रान्त मलाई लगानी गर्न सक्दैन र मलाई घर बाट पैसा मग्न पनि अफ्ठेरो लाग्छ l मतलब मैले र मजस्ता कसैले सीप हैन श्राप पाईरहेका छौ जस्तो लाग्छ अक्सर

  2. thank you for the valuable comment, Bivekananda. Actually this type of situation is being faced by many students like us, its not new in Nepal. what we can do best is to fight the situation in front and live ahead.

  3. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! to all IAAS Rampur Graduates. I like the theme CHANGE. Yes, Change is a process, and a forward looking process that makes one constructive, innovative and empowered. And, now, WELCOME to the professional world with all the Best Wishes.

  4. thank you tripti and mahendra, for reading my article, tripti, well yes money surely is in this physical world but we should not forget that if we have the fire of knowledge and willingness, money will find its way itself.

  5. Yes, I am going to graduate this year, and I have got similar headache as the battle to get employed and established is yet to begin, i am worried for same reasons as you said above, because yes I have good grades but provision of employment, a better one is not only in my hands, but Hoping for the Best. (Y)

  6. nice article smriti sis. Today unemployment is not only the threat for uneducated n unskilled person but even skilled, educated and trained person are deprived of it. Unwilling or willingly government of our country is not even concerned about it either! But as an educated person, we posses a skill to generate employment for ourselves and for others too which an uneducated n unskilled ones lack of. so we should not loss our hope and try best to get in the place where we can bring CHANGE by using our skills and education.

  7. @Chiranjibi Poudyal, yes you are right that we can bring CHANGE by using our skills and education. Thank you for reading my article.

  8. Good interpretation Smiriti. You have sketched feeling of almost all graduates. WE HAVE TO CHANGE AND WE CAN CHANGE the system. “After reaching a position, let us not start or continue the nonsensical tradition of neglecting the capable hands for familiar hands”, is way to start from own self.
    It would be great if you send this article to national daily news paper. This might create some impact.

  9. You have very nicely and precisely framed the perception of most of the Nepalese students through this article.With your view and all other comments, it seems that ; all these must have been shared either on the basis of experiences or on the basis of perception and expectation.To my perception, education is the polish to the genuine interest and potential ; and it must be.In the developed countries and even developing countries, political and economic stability allied with social justice and equity have designed different colors of polish with distinguishing shines. In Nepal, with prevailing unstability since years , only black color polish is available which gives a waxy coating and we are confined to other shines. i.e.acquiring formal education aiming to get good jobs which could secure standard of living.

  10. Ankur dai, thank you for reading my article and also the suggestion, yes i am thinking of publishing my articles

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