Youth Climate Report: The Youth Express

Climate change  is a global issue that has been affecting not only the daily way of the lives but also the ideas, opinions and even the plans of the people. Climate change is the shift in the usual pattern of the climate and has been a hot topic for the decade. People worldwide have talked on climate change, worked for mitigation and also acted on how things will be better for today and the coming days.

I present here a video. This video is an interview with Researcher and teacher Mr. Rishi Ram Katel about the climate change, the measures and necessary steps that has to be taken for mitigating the existing problems. Mr. Katel says that understanding the way of life of the people, giving carbon credit to the developing countries and making strong coordination between and among people is the solution to reduce the impacts of the climate change,

Well, I have always been keenly interested whether the local people from our local community know about the climate change. In this course, I met Mr. Jaya Nath Sapkota who is working as an office helper in IAAS, Rampur, Nepal. He says, he hasn’t heard about climate change but has definitely observed the changes like erratic rainfall. He also says he would love to know about climate change if he ever got to know about it.  Mr. Sapkota further adds that it may be due to his lack of education that he is unaware of the big issue like climate change. Below is the video:

In my opinion also, the climate change programs should focus on the illiterate and poor group of the community as well because the impacts of climate change is huge and without the inclusion of everyone in a society, fighting is partially ineffective and certainly incomplete.


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