Taking Risks is adding Possibilities; Are you afraid of taking one?


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One of the greatest problems I have seen in Nepalese societies is we are so afraid of taking risks. We are afraid to fall even before we learn to walk. And so, consequences are; we don’t fall but we don’t walk either and so life flows with ageing but remains stagnant with the need, and the time.

I would like to share a scenario of my college. We are agricultural students and I have known that sky is also not the limit for agriculture. You may ask how? The agriculture is limitless because even the slight change in the universe affects agriculture in one way or the other. Being agriculture students, we have opportunities like visiting farmers and dealing with them on our own but we are so much afraid to deal them on our own thinking we might not be able to suggest them right. We think a lot like what if I will be the cause of destruction or loss. But how will we learn without facing farmers and how will we change the monotonous food insecure scenario if we don’t risk in learning.

Many resources in Nepal have potential to its fullest. Among them, water comes on the front line. With such immense quantity of water, Nepal has potential of independent source of electricity, irrigation and tourism but the sad fact is we haven’t even explored the half of its possibilities. And why? Ask politicians, they say there is lack of fund, ask government, they say we may take loan but what if everything fails, ask citizens, they say it is Nepal, it is hard to do things here. But above all, nobody is ready to take risks, take whatever it takes and start the CHANGE.

From our own society we can see vibrant examples. We all know that bribery is crime but we do and then, later complain on the system. We make a politician fat and complain of lesser space. We talk of anti-caste system and in homes; we threaten our children of inter-caste marriages. We are so afraid to take risks even if we know what is right and what is wrong. We are so afraid of change. We are afraid of development; physical, mental or social.

We want things easily but forget that crops don’t get sown on their own, seeds have to be placed. And the problem is we know this; we just want someone else to sow the seeds. We just want the harvest. How is that even possible? Today, nothing much can be done without taking risks. Have a graduate degree and still there is risk in getting job, get job, there is risk in getting good promotions, get good promotions, there is risk in management but the risk is worth-taking. Economically successful countries like Japan, USA, etc; all took risks in business, international marketing and so, they might have failed many times but ultimately success kissed them. The logic behind taking a risk is not setting a plan haphazardly but knowing a situation and not being afraid to invest time, money and energy. So, through this article I want to say, “Let’s Take Risks in life.” The risks need not be big enough. Let’s start taking risks of people talking behind our backs while doing right things. Lets start taking risks by starting own business instead of going abroad, lets start by not following the traditions blindly if it has wrong aspects. It is because, someone rightly said that one who doesn’t take risks, takes all the risks.



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