Are WE Lazy or Ignorant?



Nature has gifted Nepal with a lot of resources. Nature in other words, has not cheated or discriminated Nepal; it has bestowed it with beauty instead. From the tallest mountain of the world to beautiful forests and the rivers, nature manifests its richness in Nepal. However, the resources are rich but the utilization is poor. The nation is rich in natural resources but even though natural resources are the key to economic development, the country is poor and its people, poorer. What are we lacking then? Is it because we are lazy that we are still very poor in economy? Or, is it that we are ignorant that we have hydro-potential right in front of our eyes and we fantasize bringing lights from other countries?

Being proud on the natural resources and gifts is surely agreeable but just being proud on resources and doing nothing to use and utilize it is not agreeable. We Nepalese are such people who get spellbound by few trees on the foreign land when we actually have large forests on our own land. We dream of going abroad to earn money where the whole mine is in our own country. We can flow our bloods in others land but even to flow sweat in our own land is thought as repulsive.

Ignorance could be a reason of lagging behind. Many people in Nepal haven’t seen words in their lives; let alone be the education institutions. A majority of people are rural people with no access to the basic facilities like transportation, health facilities etc. When such a large mass has no idea on what can be done and what is the necessity of the nation, a nation can not raise, it’s obvious. Nation is not developing because people are ignorant and since people are ignorant, the nation is not developing. It is a vicious cycle.

We have so many reasons for lagging behind but I think on top of all is the laziness we possess, we breathe, we practice, we inherit. How many of you have read “Jay Bholi” ( Long Live Tomorrow), a mockery against the Nepalese system of keeping things for tomorrow? It well defines most of the problems of our system. The problem is we have so much to do and it is obvious that we can do a lot. But we keep works on pending. Surely, we have time for all the gossip, pulling legs, and all the weird works on earth but flowing sweat and enriching the home we live in seems a Mahabharat for us. We sell the herbs and buy medicines, we sell the milk and buy cheese; we are the examples of stupidity, ignorance and laziness, in fact great examples.

Some of the great possibilities I have seen in Nepal are the development of hydropower, development in agriculture and processing food crops, tourism, etc. We can progress on our own as well if we overcome the laziness and the thought of things being impossible. Like, in agriculture, if we start growing crops being updated with the market structure, demand of customers and the technological know-how, we can be economically sustained. Let us stand up and do something; the nation needs us. Till when are we going to play the blame game and not see that we can bring change? Clearly, we can’t afford being lazy or ignorant at this time.  Let us be our own suppliers, let us be our own fulfillers. Let’s give up being lazy and willingly ignorant, because we need change and CHANGE is possible.


One thought on “Are WE Lazy or Ignorant?

  1. Liked very much.. Ohhh, what the words you have chosen. Really appreciate your write up and surprised that how well you connected JAY BHOLI in your Article. Really appreciable. SMRITTEE… keep it up.

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