Be Green from Heart


Dr. Hom Bahadur Basnet

During an awareness program in the World Environment Day, i learned a very good lesson from one of the guests of the program, Dr. Hom Bahadur Basnet. The program was focused for students of different school and the theme was sustainable agriculture development and environmental protection and conservation. The program was huge success, at least we achieved what we had intended to do. The students were well taught about the three R principle, the solid waste management, the usefulness of agriculture and importance of sustainability. During the closing session, our respected sir, Dr. Hom Bahadur Basnet presented his views on the program. Firstly he thanked us that the program was good and such initiatives are always welcome. Finally, he pointed to the heap of food wrappers and plastic bottles on the side of the site of the program. The heap was the waste from last program. He then, said, we talk about environment and do programs on them but, are you the environmentalist from inside in real? If we think we are, then, we should have actually cleaned the site first. A cleanliness program would be better than a talk show. Well from that, we have learned to be green from heart and not just through talks. What type of environmentalists are you?


3 thoughts on “Be Green from Heart

  1. You are not only writing in your blog in favor of greener world…. you r really GREENER amongst us.. coz… you have showed your greener heart while conducting INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY- 2070 as a Master of Ceremony.

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