Technical Workshop with Youth Eco Network and YPARD


group photo with the workshop participants

Youth Eco Network (YEN; is a local organization founded by me and some friends of agricultural science of Rampur campus, Rampur, Nepal and YPARD (Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research for Development; is an international network for the agricultural professionals which doesn’t need much introduction. Today on the date of 7th August, 2013, a technical workshop was held in the partnership of YEN and YPARD. The workshop was about the proper use of internet and social media, the works done by YPARD and YEN and the future possibilities of the agriculture and environment development in Nepal.

Many of the programs I have been in used to have a long formal program. Today’s workshop cut the formal session and jumped to the informal program due to lack of time and loads of stuff to be learnt. The facilitator of the workshop was Mr. Dinesh Pandey who is Nepal Representative at YPARD. Mr. Pandey highlighted the fact that youths are the vibrant source of energy; if they show the will then, change can happen.


participants at the workshop

I am one of the founding members of YEN and also a local Representative at YPARD. Being linked to both the organizations, I tried to grab as much as I could from the workshop.


  • YPARD is a great platform to work for the agricultural development and it has a long-term vision for benefiting the young professionals in agriculture.
  • Nowadays, lots of works are being done in agriculture and environment by youths. Fund is not a big issue if you have ideas and innovativeness.
  • Internet surfing will be much rewarding if one focuses on the necessary stuffs only. Proper use can be done by subscribing to the national and international newsletters and magazines.
  • Perception of the people varies a lot, so articles and presentations should be in simple language.

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