Magnifying the Glory of Learning through Sharing


Sharing ideas

Learning for me is worshipping. I have always grown a bit in my thoughts, imaginations and actions by learning. The thirst of learning may never be quenched and I think it is a great gift to be thirstier each day. Yes, learning is amazing; it is almost like touching the skies of possibilities and exploring in the world where there is no limit, no bottom. Recently, I am being lucky enough to magnify the glory even more and I have found out that the utmost pleasure of learning is in sharing, transferring what you know and what you have learnt.

It is true that an idea coupled with action can turn around the whole situation. And if the idea is right, you won’t just get rewarded by the happiness you feel inside but also in the change you make around. I want to share one of my meetings with NTYEN (Nepal Tunza Youth Environment network; mentor, Ms. Caveeta Gautam during which she had suggested me to start teaching blogging which I had learnt from her. I thought that was great but now I have started doing it, I can say never in my mind had I thought that teaching is so rewarding.

It has been just two weeks at tops and I am teaching blogging, sharing tips on writing articles, proposal writing and also sharing the information about the organizations I am involved in like NTYEN, Green Youth Generation (, YPARD (, Youth Eco Network (, Tunza Eco-generation ( etc. to about ten juniors of my college, Rampur campus, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal. I am teaching informally with no fixed time these days but I am planning to organize a workshop for sharing knowledge in my college in near future.

How is teaching and sharing benefiting me?

  • I am learning more than teaching. It is amazing to see that my college juniors are far ahead of me in technology.
  • Since, I am sharing what I know, my knowledge on the shared topics has become strengthened and I am gaining more confidence in interactions.
  • My juniors share their ideas on how we can grow as an educational institute and I try to vision their ideas.
  • Through them, I am being updated with the constraints and challenges students and youths are facing in the college. Being a youth and activist, I can raise voice accordingly in the global network.
  • The inner satisfaction is the most rewarding.

 My message to Everyone!

We get chance to learn in one way or the other in many journeys of our lives. Sometimes, our individual knowledge and ideas can hardly create the world as prosperous and perfect to live in as we dream of. For that, we not only have to grow but should also make our surrounding grow with us. I am not unaware of the fact that some people hesitate to share the knowledge simply with the thought of competition. For them, I want to say that sharing will magnify the glory of learning even more and there are no such things like decreasing of knowledge, hijacking of thoughts through sharing. And nobody has to be perfect for sharing; the insufficiencies we have is what makes learning even more wonderful. Sharing is simply rewarding. Let us share what we learn and make world a two way communication channel.


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