Going Green


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It hasn’t been long since I have understood about the “GREEN” word. I had lived my entire life in an urban area with very little exposure to the wonders of nature and very little consciousness lied in me regarding the need of the environment to be conserved. Actually, it isn’t that I had not participated in the green campaigns like anti-plastic campaigns, plantation programs etc. But I had never participated in those green programs feeling truly responsible towards the environment around me. I thought “GREEN” word is just a BUZZ word and development is more important. I hardly believed that world is really in chaos due to environmental degradation and moreover, I even had my mind fixed up to the idea that small efforts by we, little people, with no power to change policies cannot bring CHANGE. Fortunately, this thought didn’t remain as a permanent worm in my head.

The changing point was in the beginning of my bachelor’s study in Agricultural science in Chitwan, Nepal. I got exposure to the ill effects of climate change and pollution in the agriculture and in the lives of the people. And then, motivated by the cause and effects, I joined and even founded a number of green organizations. Green organizations like Tunza Eco-generation (www.tunza.eco-generation.org) , Nepal Tunza Youth Environment Network ( www.ntyen2013.wordpress.com) , Green Youth Generation ( www.greenyouthgeneration.org) and the various platforms for discussion and understanding they have created was really an eye opener for me to contribute whatever I can to the environment.

What I have learnt from Green organizations?

  • Environment is responsibilities of all of us because we have nothing more than environment.
  • Green actions can make present and future a beautiful place to live in.
  • Sharing and performing green actions can help you grow as a true owner of your place in the earth.

What does going GREEN mean to me?

  • To understand that if there will be no proper environment, there will be no future or development or the people as a whole and acting accordingly is going GREEN in real.
  • To believe in own strength for creating a better future and inspiring the world around is going Green.
  • Reducing carbon footprint in daily lives and changing words to actions is going green.
  • Respecting the existence of every organism of the planet is going GREEN.

So, let us be a true Green person. Let us make world a beautiful place to live in.


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