Consultant Workshop on ICT for generating Development Ideas



Today’s world is more or less a Technical world with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as one of the most potent medium to hear and to be heard. This fact about the strong power of the ICT has been recognized by Beyond Nepal Hub 2015 ( and on the behalf of Beyond Nepal Hub 2015, I organized a Consultant Workshop on ICT for Development Generating Ideas today on the day of 7th September, 2013 in Rampur Campus, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal.

The main objectives of the Consultant Workshop on ICT are;

  • To mobilize youths to join forces and create solutions for social good, enabled through widespread access to information and communication Technology.
  • To help the World leaders to make decisions now about the post-2015 development agenda
  • To make the voices of the youths heard. To share the vision of the world we want #BYND2015.
  •  To deliver an overview of all ideas to the UN General Assembly in September.


Why is Consultant Workshop on ICT in Nepal important?

Nepal is a developing country and it might sound surprising but many of the places in Nepal have never heard of internet; let alone be ICT. With rapidly increasing population and stagnant forms of opportunities in the country, number of frustrating youths is increasing. This is even more magnified with unemployment and no access and information to the outer world. However, many youths in Nepal are pioneering the use of ICT and acting as a source of inspiration and information to the mass youths. Consultant Workshops will help to bring together the youths of the world and will contribute in capturing their voices in crucial national and international decisions making process. In Nepal, surely, such workshops will help in identifying the underlying problems.


A Review of the Today’s Workshop

Due to various political disturbances prevailing at present in my college, Rampur campus, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal, the workshop couldn’t be as grand as planned. But, as it is said taking initiation is creating fire of change, I do believe today’s workshop could leave some impact on the participants.

About 20 students from Rampur campus participated in today’s workshop. The workshop was divided into sessions as follows;

  1. Presentation about ICT and its importance ( Speaker and Presenter; Myself , Smriti Pehim Limbu )
  2. Group divisions with at least three participants in the group and the topic of discussions were;
    • Have you ever heard about Millennium Development Goals? If yes from where?
    • How might we use ICTs to help young people develop entrepreneurship skills and increase youth employment?
    • How might we use ICT to lead the way to greener society?
    • How might we use ICT to make healthcare more accessible?
    • How can positive online behavior help to reduce risk in cyberspace?
    • How might online identities receive our understanding of culture, ethnicity and gender?
    • How might ICT help youth involvement in decision making at local, national and international level?
    • How might we make young innovators interested and involved in environment?
  3. Presentation by each group leader

Output of the workshop

One of the team leaders, Ms. Shrijana Duwadi said that use of ICT can help develop the connection on global network and is useful to gain information regarding the modern trends. Another team leader, Ms. Kashmita Karki added that with use of ICT one can know the activities of several national and international organizations. It was quite interesting to know the views of the participants. Some of them said they even didn’t know about Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and they added that voices of youths from developing country like Nepal must be taken to the global level so that beyond MDGs, there will be better access to opportunities to the youths. Ms. Sapana Laxmi Ghimire who is a veterinary student, added that use of ICT can help spread the information on health like the bird flu prevention and awareness.


Conclusion with a message

From the consultant workshop, I would like to conclude that youths in Nepal are interested in ICTs; the underlying problem is lack of easy access to information and communication channels. Millennium Development Goals are about to end by 2015 but even not have been heard about it raises a question on Where we are. Beyond 2015 agenda should take the voices of all for a concrete decision making.

Finally, I would like to leave a message to all. Use ICT for being an active participant of world agendas because World belongs to all and you deserve to be heard.


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