Supporting Clean Up Nepal


Group photo after the clean up program

Today, the date of 21st September, 2013 became a Go Clean day for Nepal. Reason is the “Clean Up program” organized by Small Earth Nepal ( in collaboration with Small Earth Australia ( and Solid Waste Management and Technical Support Center, GoN in various parts of the country. As a follow-up program for the Clean Up Nepal, I, on the behalf of Youth Eco Network ( and Nepal Tunza Youth Environment Network ( organized the same in Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal.

With the main objective to improve urban and rural environments in Nepal through an annual community based clean up campaign, Clean up program aims to inspire and empower youth and local communities to join the clean up movement to address local environmental issues in a simple and visible way. The program was started from 7am and continued till 9 am in various parts of the country like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Itahari.

 Review of the program in Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal

The site chosen for the clean up program was Rampur area; inside and outside of the Rampur campus. About 26 youths joined hands with us in the program. Surprisingly, we found that Rampur area is polluted more with waste made from plastic and non-degradable materials even though it is a rural area of Nepal. We collected about 40 kg of total waste including plastic bags, food wrappers, metal bins, etc. The wastes were later dumped in a pit.


group photo

 Effectiveness of Clean Up Program

As we share the environment, we must share the responsibilities to keep it clean. Cleaner the environment, safer is the environment for all lives on the planet. Today’s program not only made the environment cleaner but also stimulated the emotions of the people towards the environment and I think youths are motivated more towards making a contribution for a Green and Clean environment.



waste collected

Beyond Clean Up Programs and my message!

Yes, I agree programs like Clean Up Nepal contribute towards making environment clean and healthy. But what I want to ask is, is a day for cleaner and greener environment enough? Obviously, if we clean a day and throw waste the next 364 days then, the programs like this will not be effective. If we just start today by at least throwing the wastes in bins, minimizing use of plastic bags, reusing bottles if possible etc, then, I think in next clean up programs, there will be shortage of wastes. So, I would leave a message; let us keep environment clean today and always.



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