About Me


Hi! everyone, I am Smriti Pehim Limbu. I am an Agricultural student currently enrolled in IAAS,/Rampur campus. I belong to eastern part of Nepal, Dharan, Sunsari, and my hobbies include reading novels, writing poems, travelling, discovering scientific facts, listening to music etc.

Agriculture has been a passion to me ever since I joined agricultural science in Rampur campus, Nepal. I have made discovery of enormous mysteries and possibilities of the agricultural world, its interconnection with the environment and the power of feeding the people. And the more I discover, the thirstier I become for learning new things each day. So, with dreams indebted in passion and a will to always learn and learn, I want to do things to make a real difference in the lives of the people, in the sector of Agriculture and Environment. Through the subject, agricultural science, I got to explore the scenarios of the environment in Nepal and the world. But learning is an unending process and I want to explore more. I have seen people who are in big posts but works are just a bunch of fake documents. So, I not only want to learn but also want to teach people of the environment and its sustainability. I want to bring change through my efforts, no matter how small it is.

My involvements in Agricultural and Environment related Organization;

  • Green Youth Generation ( As national coordinator for year 2013)
  • Youth Eco Network ( As Secretary and one of the founding members)
  • Nepal Tunza Youth Environment Network ( As member)
  • Tunza Eco generation ( As member)
  • YPARD Nepal ( As Local representative)

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